Mary Lee Griffith: Everything About The Wife of Ronny Cox.

Mary Lee Griffith

Who is Mary Lee Griffith?

Mary Lee Griffith was a Screenwriter and also the wife of Ronny Cox. Mary Lee Griffith’s husband is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. His best-known roles include Drew Ballinger in Deliverance, George Apple in Apple’s Way, Ozark Bule in Bound for Glory, Colonel Kerby in Taps, Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil in Beverly Hills Cop, and many more.

Mary Lee Griffith: Bio Summary

Full NameMary Lee Griffith
famous aswife of Ronny Cox
Age at time of death65 years old
Date of Birth25th August 1941
Place of Birth Elk Horn, Iowa, United States
Date of deathDecember 18, 2006
place of death Encino, Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac signGemini
spouse Ronny Cox (m. 1960–2006)

Mary Lee Griffith was born in Elk Horn, Iowa, United States on the 25 of August 1941. She had six siblings, four sisters, and two brothers. Her sisters are Joyce Hansen, who lives in Elk Horn, Iowa; Alice Hansen, who lives in Mesa, Arizona; Kathryn Carol Mcnair of Ashland, Oregon and Jane Writtrup of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mary’s brothers are John Griffith who lives in Seattle, Washington, and Gene Griffith of Sonoma, California. Aside from siblings, Mary Lee also had a lot of nephews and nieces. In 1952, Mary’s family moved to Portales, New Mexico where she attended public school. She attended Eastern New Mexico University in Portable where she obtained a degree in Chemistry.

Mary got her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Georgetown University. She also did research at the Sloan-Kettering Institute in Rye, New York for several years. Mary was a woman who had many interests. She had expertise in science. She also liked to enjoy bird-watching, needlepoint, and running. She was also an important member of a widespread community of folk singers. 

Mary and her husband, Ronny Cox met when she was in fifth grade and he was in seventh grade. They got married in 1960 and have two sons; Brain and John.  The family moved to Sherman Oaks, California in 1972 where they have lived since. Mary died on 18 December 2006 in Encino, Los Angeles, California, United States due to Lung Cancer. 

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Ronny Cox: Mary Lee Griffith’s Husband.

Daniel Ronald Cox, popularly known as Ronny Cox is an American singer, actor, and screenwriter. He was born in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, US. He graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a double major in theater and speech correction in 1963. 

Mary’s husband is best known for his roles in Deliverance(1972) as Drew Ballinger, Ozark Bule in Bound for Glory(1976), and a lot of others. He debuted in the movie deliverance. In one scene he plays the instrumental “Dueling Banjos” on his guitar with a banjo-playing mountain boy, which was played by child actor Billy Redden. Since then Ronny starred in a lot more movies 

Ronny also ventured into music despite having a successful acting career saying music now comes first in his life. He had a successful music career and even got inducted into the Mexico Music Hall of Fame on 2 November 2019. 

On July 25, 2021, Mary Lee Griffith’s Husband, Ronny won the New Mexico Music Awards with the Norman Petty Producers Award going to Tom (Panda) Ryan for his recording of Ronny Cox’s Live at the Kitchen Sink featuring the 2021 Best Folk Music Award with his song, “Portales”. He recorded at Kitchen Sink at the Kitchen Sink Recording Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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